National Certificate Vacation - NCV

We are accredited by UMALUSI to offer the exciting and industry oriented NCV or National Certificate (Vocational) qualifications which is being managed by the National Department of Education. The NCV are designed to provide both theory and practice. The programme integrates academic knowledge and theory with practical skills.

National Certificate (Vocational): Information Technology and Computer Science

The information technology and computer science programme covers the interpretation of software applications, as well as the installation of network cables together with information technology principles and data processing.

NQF Level 2 : Subjects Outline
Introduction to Information Systems
Introduction to Systems Development
Contact Centre Operations

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National Certificate (Vocational): Management

Purpose: Management is aimed at students who will study managerial subjects at Public FET Colleges and then exit for further learning or employment in a management field.

Level 2: Subjects Outline
Management Practices,
Operations Management,
Financial Management,
Entrepreneurship (O)

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National Certificate (Vocational): Marketing

The student who completes the Marketing programme will be able to assist in marketing related activities in the marketing field such as conduct market research, identify markets, and create promotional materials and present marketing proposals.

Level 2 : Subjects Outline
Marketing, Advertising & Promotions
Marketing Communication,
Consumer Behaviour (O)
OR Contact Centre Operations

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National Certificate (Vocational): Office Administration

The purpose of Office Administration in programme is to equip the students with knowledge and skills for successful entry into an administrative secretarial field in any sector. Administration competencies apply to all industries; the formal and informal commercial sectors as well as the non-commercial sector.

Level 2 : Subjects Outline
Business Practice,
Office Practice,
Office Data Processing,
Applied Accounting/2nd Language-Afrikaans

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National Certificate (Vocational): Finance, Economics and Accounting

Finance, economics and accounting is aimed at students and then exit for further learning or employment/self employment in the financial, economic and accounting sector.

Level 2: Subjects Outline
Applied Accounting,
Financial Management
Economic Environment,
New Venture Creation (O)

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National Certificate (Vocational): Tourism

The tourism certificate programme covers tourism principles like tour guiding, tour operators and game rangers together with any public relations related vocation in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Level 2 : Subjects Outline
Science of Tourism,
Client Services and Human Relation Services,
Sustainable Tourism in SA,
Tourism Operations & Technology (O)

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